The Roommates:

I’ve recently realized that although I talk a lot about all of my amazing roommates,
I’ve yet to introduce them.
I intend to remedy this mistake right now.


That’s my roommate. Michele is gorgeous, classy, ready for any adventure, and fearless. She is amazing! We backpacked around Europe last fall and had the time of our lives and yet, I enjoy our late night discussions and monthly calendar turning just as much as any trip to Austria. I love her unique way of looking at the world and confident acceptance of herself. All the roommates laugh about how intimidated we were when we first met her. It’s true, she’s such an intelligent capable person you don’t understand why she’s talking to you. But then you get to know her and she’s insane at the same times as being low key and loves to be whimsical. I love having her around–she’s a blast.

KaryAnn is the newest addition to our college family and we couldn’t be happier. She is a firecracker that never burns out. If she’s in the room you better believe people are having a good time. I will always think of her when I see whole milk or melted marshmallows. I love how passionate she is about life. If you want to see something amazing happen just ask her about Cessane or Thomas Jefferson and watch her eyes light up.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who didn’t like Katelyn. Personally, I think it’s impossible. You just can’t hate someone who genuinely love you and wants you to be happy. She keeps us together, and keeps roommate prayer a regular occurrence. She’s the type of girl that wears ribbons in her hair and yet, she’s not your typical ribbon wearing girl. Her life’s ambition is to drive a tank and that’s only the first of many pleasant surprises you find when you really get to know her.


Landen is the most together 20 year old I’ve ever met. But the great thing is that she is able to do it while still being a ton of fun to be around. She makes amazing homemade bread that has spoiled me to no end, and keeps her room cleaner than I do. Landen has this amazing ability to anticipate people’s needs. She pays attention to things that others don’t even notice and therefore sees that so and so needs new eyeshadow or that the apartment could use some mint chocolate chip ice cream. She adorable and thoughtful and kind and I always feel blessed to be one of her roommates.

Jessie is a Mainiac and proud of it. I know that she loves being an easterner, but at the same time I totally see her in a sail boat on the west coast taking it easy and writing poetry (which she makes look easy). She’s just so easy going and loving. She genuinly wants to be your friend. If you’re reading this and you don’t know Jessie, she would love to be your friend because she cares about people and your a person and that’s all the reason she needs. The conversations I have with her are always so thoughtful and educatonal for me. I love her dearly and will miss her when she makes her hop, skip and a jump across the pond for a few months.


If you want to find Megan she is most likely in the library or a science lab on campus. I’ve never met anyone so dedicated to their education, which is saying something. I admire her for her work ethic, but I’ll never forget her quiet service of our ward’s Relief Society. It’s always interesting to see how people in leadership positions handle the extra information they have. Megan used it to help her love everyone that much more. She loves to run and does it very well, in addition to making the best lime freezes ever. Basically, she’s great.

That lovely redhead on the right is Lisa. Lisa is my partner in redheaded crime. As in, we’re both English Teaching majors and so we analyze poems together and talk about our future classrooms, etc. She is great. Bright and beautiful, and she’s always willing to share. Share what she learned in class that day, her amazing wardrobe, her fantastic cooking skills… She’s so wonderful to be around and I can’t wait to visit her in Idaho this weekend. One time, she read an entire children’s book out loud and changed accents every page. By the time she was done, her entire dorm room was stuffed with people. It’s a great memory of her and an excellent illustration of how her personality is a vibrant light enticing everyone else to be near her.

P.S. Don’t do the math. It doesn’t add up to 6.



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