Car Rental

A life landmark happened this week. I rented my first car. And guess what? I reserved a small car, but they didn’t have any when I got there, so they gave me this:

Isn’t it pretty? And it drives like a dream. On Sunday I went for a nice long drive up and down Indian Hills and behind the temple and through the Tree Streets just because. I love driving. I don’t understand why, but I do. Although I do have to say I was a little paranoid I was going to do something to it. You know, that my first car accident would be in this gorgeous rental car. It was returned in one piece though–no worries.

But you know, it’s amazing how much more independent you feel when you have access to a car. I could run errands and help people out that needed a ride. I felt like I was a valid adult. That I could actually contribute to my family and friend’s lives. I mean, I know I do that even when I don’t have a car, but the extent of my abilities is limited. I like feeling mobile, one of the many reasons London was so wonderful. The tube=freedom to go wherever I wanted. I had that for four months and so being somewhat paralyzed to my immediate vicinity has been a bit of a trial. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it was a nice treat to experience that again for a week.


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