Can’t talk- On holiday from life. Or learning how to live it…

I just need to express my gratitude to whoever decided to make Pioneer Day a state holiday and give me time off work and school, because they are a saint. (no pun intended)

Today was a wonderful day. A miracle happened. I got all the homework I wanted to get done done. And another perk of the day was hanging out with Josh, my little brother. He came over to swim and we ended up grabbing J Dawgs and he hung out while I did some research at the library. He’s such a great sport and a amazing kid. I’m glad I’ve been able to hang out with him so much this summer. It’s been a really awesome opportunity.

It’s hard not to feel inspired by the early saints when they’re on you mind. People who were strong enough to get across the plains with little more than a testimony of the gospel. They’re made of the same stuff heroes are. But something it’s easy to forget is that so are we. If they were able to accomplish challenging goals and still do something meaningful in their lives, you know, the important things that usually fall by the wayside, then so can I.

One day down, 3,487,597,435,983,475,987,349,579,487,593,487,593,487.5 more to go.


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