The most controversial post I’ll ever put on here

As a result of recent political activity there has been an increase of politically based conversations. And being a part of a few of them has made me think out my country and party politics and actually get quite frustrated. Fear, trust and hope are all necessary to make our country function the way our founding fathers dreamed.

We should fear the power we have given to the government. It’s terrifying how much control they have over our lives. So much can go wrong so quickly. This fear propels us not to take everything said at face value. To challenge their policies so they are better. To rigorously investigate their motives and connections so they are not tempted into corruption. A little bit of fear is what makes our country run well.

However, we have to trust each other a little or nothing will get done. We have to at least try to understand each other. The polarized politics of this country are irritating to me. Probably because I know and respect people on both sides. I’ve heard it all. The conspiracy theories. How Bush is an imbecile who can’t even say nuclear and Obama an inexperienced whelp. How Obama’s a terrorist and Bush lied about nuclear weapons just so he could get his hands on the middle eastern oil market. The list goes on and on. Can’t we take one moment to realize that neither of them are servants of the devil trying to bring our country to its knees and neither of them took the oath while brainstorming ways to limit American freedom and tolerance. We may not agree with everything they say or do, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t working towards the same goal: a better America.

I’ll be honest, I don’t agree with many of Obama’s policies. Then again, I don’t agree with much of what the GOP says either. But I have hope. I know there are a lot of positive things that Obama can do for our country that a Republican could not accomplish at this point. McCain could not smooth over American International relationships the way Obama can. And I think it’s valuable to not be hated by the majority of the world. I’d rather not hide my citizenship when I travel. I’d rather not get dirty looks at the airport when they see my passport or learn to say, “I’m actually Canadian” in French before I visit Paris. I don’t ever want to hide my citizenship. I am proud to be an American. I understand where they’re coming from; I’m not proud of everything we’ve done and stand for. Sometimes we really are the self-interested empire people in other countries think we are. But we have the potential to be so much more. So much better. I think that Obama not only has that vision for America but has also successfully planted the hope to achieve this vision in millions of Americans and in the world. And you know what, I like the idea of a world community with mutual respect. So sue me.

It’s true, his spending patterns make me loose sleep at night, and although I don’t think we’ll have accomplished all our goals in Iraq by 2012, I still think he’s attempting to be responsible with the situations. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about our military presence in the Middle East. But my hope is that we’ll accomplish a lot of good in the remaining months there simply because we have a deadline, it’s amazing what you can produce when you’re under the wire. I also want acknowledge that Obama has revised his previous goals about the war as he’s gained more information and advisement. I really think he’s listening to both sides of the argument. At least more than we give him credit for.

As far as his spending goes. Well, money funds programs. Programs help people. Granted, if there wasn’t so much bureaucratic red tape, the same amount of money would probably be able to help a lot more people. And I know some people will take advantage of my tax dollars through these programs. But at least he’s trying to do something. I can respect that. In fact I can do more than that. I can allow a tiny glimmer of hope to exist inside me that roots for him. I really hope that he can make schools better, the health care program better, relations with the middle east better, the social security situation better. I really hope he does.

Notice I used the word better. No one can solve everything. Obama isn’t going to solve all, if any, of America’s problems. But he’s going to try and make it a better place. And I endorse that. Not every program or law or decree he ever makes. But the motivation behind them.

I’m not saying that I won’t challenge his ideas or even that I’ll vote for him in the next election. I probably will challenge his ideas, and the next election depends entirely upon the next 3 years and who else is running. But lets intelligently debate please. No more derogatory slogans and name calling. Let’s talk ideas. And let’s do it with a mentality of understanding and compromise. I really believe that is the only way we’re going to accomplish anything.


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