81 Ceiling Tiles

I’ve heard it said that every genius needs a period of boredom in their life. A time when there isn’t anything to think about and so they imagine, they brainstorm, they amuse themselves with their bored thoughts. They learn what they’re passionate about because it’s what they think about when they don’t have to think about anything.

There are 81 ceiling tiles in my office. I’m so bored I can’t even be productive. I started some research and I read a little for my English class. But I really can’t bring myself to do anything worth while when I’m stuck in this little office. I don’t think I’ll ever become the next Einstein or Billy Collins.

One thing I have been able to do is blog. At least blogging gets me thinking. It makes me consider my opinions, and if I feel like they’re valid enough to write about. I like that.


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