In search of dog trainer

I’m not sure if my dog is more out of shape than I am, or just lazy.

I run, nothing ubber long or intense, but it’s good and I feel healthy when I do it. So after my cousin’s wedding this morning and watching some mindless show on Nickelodeon for about an hour I decided it might be nice to take a run, and hey, I could bring along one of my dogs. Julie. Julie is a lot younger than Pete and wouldn’t keel over and die in the middle of my run. To be completely honest my mom asked me to take the dog. I think she was nervous of me running alone. She even asked me not to talk to strangers as I walked out the door. But all was well and I’m still here writing my blog, so no worries.

After walking out the door and smiling at my mother’s wonderful compulsive worrying (I’m sure grow up to be just like her someday), I turned on my ipod and started running. The task is slightly more difficult when coupled with guiding/dodging a dog. But I thought it was rather pleasant until about 2 minutes into my run the dog stopped running. I kept on going and yanked at the leash letting Julie know that she couldn’t stop to sniff around and she responded. Not 30 seconds later, it happened again. And then as I crossed the street getting ready to round the corner, it happened a third time. This time, instead of allowing me to drag her into a run again, she stood her ground and I was yanked back.

Slightly confused, I did what any dog owner or new parent must learn. I attempted to decipher what the speechless creature wanted. From this telekinetic mind meld which resembles me scrunching my eye brows at a dog while she whimpers and pulls at the leash, but is much more complicated than that, it appeared that Julie wanted to go back the direction we had just come. So I let her pull me in that direction. In fact, I let her pull me all the way back to our front door and inside.

So there you have it. My dad said that Julie missed Pete, they are rarely separated and so it freaked her out. But I also think it’s likely that she doesn’t get out and exercise much and so she got tired and was too lazy to keep going. Whatever the reason is, I left her at the house and finished up my run solo, coming back to take both dogs for a walk as my cool down and she enjoyed that very much. All in all, it was a fun little adventure. Maybe I’ll try it again on Monday and see if she does any better.

It’s funny, while writing this little anecdote I was reminded that quirky little things like this story are what I love about home. Things like my dog acting weird, my mom telling me not to talk to strangers even though I’m twenty and have lived in a foreign country, talking to my dad about my plans for the future, finding great clothing deals at savers with my mom, listening to the endless flow of music reverberating from our living room, and having to share a bathroom with boys again. They’re all fun little adventures, and yet essentially they are what make home. And I’d be sad if they were gone.


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