Do do do do do do do

I don’t think I ever really understood what the word spring meant until I lived through one here in Provo. Spring is the really short in-between time after it’s been slightly chilly and before it gets unbearably hot. Granted, it’s getting rather warm up here, but nothing like I’m used to. I spoke with my mother yesterday and she said it was 104 degrees outside. That’s what I’m used to in May. May has always been summer weather–until this year.

The canyon, the mountains, even the grassy patches on campus are heavenly. Whenever I see them I just want to lie out, fling my lanky appendages in every direction, and just soak up the sun. Unfortunately I have work and class that keep me confined indoors, but I’ve recently developed a habit of running, due to the good examples of my roommates, and that ensures that I get out and enjoy each consecutively beautiful day.

Well, that’s the word from Provo, I think I’m going to head out for a run now because as I’ve been saying, today is lovely.



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