The trotting fox

In preparation for Katelyn and my Foxtrot test a couple of guy friends were over at the apartment and we decided to move the couch and practice. What ensued was not the most amazing dancing, due to the fact that my partner was rather tall and therefore, we could only do about 3 basics before we reached a wall, but a ton of fun nonetheless.

That’s something I just love about my apartment-mates. We’re goofy, and don’t really care about hiding it anymore. I think that’s one of the greatest parts about post-high school life. Actually getting to be who you really are without catering to what you think people want from you. Now I just live life and make the most of it. Even a tiny little apartment can’t stop us from dancing about and making fools of ourselves. Basically, I’m having a grand old time being who I am at twenty years old.

The sun is shining, life is beautiful, and there are scones cooking the oven, I’m happy. And with those thoughts I leave you.



One thought on “The trotting fox

  1. I love you. And the foxtrot. Let’s invite them over again and dance some more. Only let’s invite enough boys so that we don’t have to ever have to sit out a dance.I love dancing too.And the scones were good.And I love you. ‘Kay bye. πŸ™‚

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