Midterm Mania

Well we’re now firmly into the month of February and there’s no denying that I’m back and established here in Provo. Life is somewhat monotonous: work, classes, eating, studying, and sleeping. But at the same time its full of rich experiences and wonderful people. I love my apartment and I’m taking a lot of very interesting classes. Life is rather hectic at the moment–I have to take two midterms in the next three days and I have a lot more studying to do. But as long as I look at smaller goals it doesn’t look quite so overwhelming.

I’m really grateful to be here and to be doing what I’m doing. I miss London terribly, but this is a wonderful place too. I love walking home from work or class right when the setting sun is shining on the mountains. It’s beautiful and it reminds me of all the wonderful things my life is made up of. Anyway, that’s my update. Hope you all have a great week.


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