The Theatre

How on earth am I going to live without this? I really just don’t know. Everyone knows that during finals week if you study non-stop your brain will actually explode- it’s a proven fact. So I choose to break up my centre isolation periods by seeing a bunch of amazing shows. Here are their run downs.

Mama Mia:
Surprisingly good. I would have to say that they had the cleanest dance routines out of the 7 musicals I’ve seen this year. And their vocals were relatively solid as well. Overall, it was just a fun show.

The RSC’s Hamlet:
Probably the best show I’ve ever seen or might ever see. First of all, I was so lucky. I was able to see Tennent’s last night of performing Hamlet before his back injury was too much. If he comes back, it’ll be after Christmas, so basically if I hadn’t gone Saturday, I wouldn’t have been able to see him in it and that would have been very sad.
So the play- why was it so good. It was a more comical interpretation than is normal, but the comedy was a done as a dark sarcasm. There were amusing elements but you never forgot that the play is essentially rather depressing. It was really just little things. Like how Ophelia brushes Hamlets hand as she walks by him in the second scene, and the masterful bumbling by Polonius, and the cut to intermission as Hamlet is about to kill Claudius as he’s praying. It was pure brilliance. And oh my gosh, the bedroom scene with his mother. I don’t even know what to say. His violent emotions pushing him towards the edge of madness exhibited by pulling her about the room. It was so powerful. I’m hopefully going to see it again tomorrow with the understudies because I loved the production so much and I’m such an RSC groupie.

Twelfth Night:
Well in it’s defense, I saw the RSC three days beforehand, and I doubt any company in the world can compare. But it wasn’t the most impressive production I’ve seen. I’m not exactly sure what era of dress they were going for, but it was rather confusing. And at times I consciously felt like they were speaking a Shakespearian dialect, which is not so when you see his plays done by a really good company. However, Derek Jacobi did quite a good job as Malvolio and it was enjoyable. And it certainly helped when I took my Shakespeare final.

War Horse:
Totally enchanting. The two horses were done even better than the animals in the Lion King and that’s saying something. They were beautiful and the story was touching. The production in general— the musical narration at the end of every scene. The “ripped paper” backdrop that is connected to the officer’s notebook. It was really a very impressive piece.

Les Miserables:
for the second time. And let me tell you, it doesn’t get old. I was still blown away by the production and the voices. Oh they were so good. They get my vote for, best vocals in a musical in London, best use of a rotating stage, and best musical of all time. 🙂

And that’s all. I mean I did have to write three papers and study for tests this week too. So there’s my highlights of the london theatre this week. Hope you enjoyed it cause I certainly did.


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