Our visit to the neighborhood synagogue

Living in the society we do, mostly people learn snippets about many different religions, even if it is from the popular medium of movies. Judaism is one of these religions that is frequently portrayed, though often with stereotypical practices. But it is a very different matter to actually talk to a member of a congregation, such as the one right around the corner from our home. What I thought of most of the time during our visit was the many similarities we share (understandable considering Christianity is a sort of break ofr of the Jewish faith, and if not that, the culture) such as: strict sabbath worship, diet guidelines, and the central feature of a temple in religious practices, though theirs is more in memory of previous temple.

But in addition to this, I thought of how much of their religion, and religion in general, functions as a preserver of culture. In the Jewish faith it includes learning the Jewish language and practices that set them a part from the rest of the world. It’s easy to see how people are still able to have so many of the cultural characteristics frequently showcased in film, they’re cultivated as a part of practicing their faith. Just as the new wave of Mormon film showcases our little quirks.


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