Sherlock Holmes

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of time at the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I found a little bit creepy and didn’t feel like sticking around. Although I did stick around long enough to take a picture with Dr. Watson.

A couple of things that I did take note of:

First of all, how bustling Baker Street is. For some reason I imagined it to be a tucked away back road, or even a mew style of street. But in reality it’s quite busy and the museum at 221b looks out over all the action. It actually would have been a very noisy location.

It also spoke leaps and bounds about the cult that is Sherlocktonia. The people all in period dress and all of the little details gleaned from nuances in Connon-Doyle’s inconsistencies. It would have been any one of these anonymous fan’s dreams to ramble around the lodgings of the character that’s almost become alive in their imagination. Though eerie to me, I’m sure a true fan would love all of the wax figures throughout the upper rooms and be able to identify each of them from their particular short story.

It was also interesting to see so well restored the home of a more middle class individual. So often through the program we’ve been to visit the great houses of Britain and the luxury that the aristocracy live in; however, the Victorian era witnessing the birth of the middle class, it was fun to see the conditions they were likely to live in.


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