James Bond Exhibit the IWM

Going to the Ian Fleming exhibit focusing on his authorship of the James Bond novels was especially enlightening already knowing a bit about the subject. I particularly enjoyed the set up of the exhibit because it highlighted the inspiration Fleming gleaned from his work with the government by juxtapositioning some of the missions he was involved in planning and those that 007 accomplishes in the novels. I also found interesting the many hobbies and interests of Fleming’s that found their was into Bond’s character. There was a good balance between discussion of Fleming as a person, the books, and the movies which I felt all contributed to a well rounded view of the topic as a whole.
Although the books and movies do focus on military exploits, it was interesting to me to find the exhibit at the Imperial War Museum. James Bond has always represented a romanticized military figure created purely for entertainment value, rather than having any connection to the horrible reality of war. However, with Fleming’s inside knowledge into the secret service activities of the British government, I will concede that there are probably some insights into this subject that can be gained from the James Bond novel.


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