Turn of the Season

I’ve been away from my beloved England for 5 days and it’s already changed during that time. The wind now bites as it rushes past you, the last leaves have fallen from the trees, and the shopping centers are now into full fledged Christmas decorating mode. I’m sad to see fall pass away and with it most of my stay here in London, but as I rambled around Little Venice and Chelsea this afternoon, I realized that I love this city more than ever. Leaving it will truly be like leaving a good friend and so I’ll attempt to enjoy every blessed second here.

But you were probably wanting to know a little bit about my trip to Paris.

We basically walked around all day (no exaggeration there) and so there would be a lot to describe. Therefore you just get my favorite parts.

The grounds at Versailles were stunning
Sants Chappel was my favorite cathedral by far (out of the entire trip)
Crepes everyday (and sometimes two)
The salad I had at the Pizzeria by the Louvre
Doing the polka down the gallery at the Paris opera house
And number one on my list goes to all of the museums.
The Louvre, The Rodin, The Orangerie, the Orsay, the National Gallery of Modern Art. It was mind blowing to see real life Micheal Angelos, and Picassos, and Van Goghs, and Monets and so many others. Seriously so awesome!

You can check out my pictures to see what else I did.


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