Wish List- Holland Park Walk.

Having gone to many different parks in the greater London area, there was definitely a marked difference between Holland Park and others. Whereas, Hyde Park and St. James Park were former Royal hunting grounds from medieval times, Holland park is a relatively new creation. This was visible in the more intimate pathways and civilian use sports areas. I felt like it was more of a neighborhood park (though nicer than any park I’ve seen in the states) where you can actually go to spend the day, as opposed to others where you walk around and admire them and then move on to other activities. Part of this might also be the abundance of shops right outside of other parks such as Bayswater Road, Queensway, the shopping near Marble Arch, and all of the touristy places in the Whitehall area. Granted one side of Holland Park does go onto High Kensington Street, but for the most part it is linked to the residential area surrounding it. What is remarkable is how unbelievably quiet and private this area is for being close to downtown London. And after spending a Sunday afternoon rambling through these streets, I’ve determined that if money were not an issue, and I could live anywhere in the world, I think I might choose one of the streets around Holland Park. These pictures are a documentation of some of my favorites.


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