Kensington Museums

To be honest, I haven’t really spent any time in Kensington excluding the Gardens and the Hyde Park Chapel, but now that I know what it has to offer, I’m sure that will change in our last month here. Outside of the time I took for this walk I was able to wander around both the science museum and the V&A this week and was stunned by how interactive, interesting, and dynamic they were. I think the V&A is actually my favorite museum that I’ve been to… ever. There’s art, sculpture, historic artifacts. It really has a little bit of everything and it’s set up in a way that is conducive to learning. Not only are you admiring the beautiful furniture from such-and-such estate, they also include the fact that it is inspired by the french style which became very prevalent in the 1800s. So if you haven’t noticed, I really enjoyed the discovery of this area only a short walk from our very own center. And was inspired to base my theme: houses of learning, on the experiences I’ve had there.


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