On Tuesday Danielle announced to our room an interesting piece of news that she had just seen pop up on her news feed. Apparently, Gordon Brown has moved out of number 10 Downing to make way for the extra people that are working on the economic crisis. Granted he’s only moving next door to number 12, but rather than expressing a mild interest in the fact, I was able to respond: “Hmm, I was there last night and it didn’t look very busy.” It was really cool to have an inside opinion, and all because I’d done the Whitehall walk. I feel like this walk really gave me a better sense of London and how this country runs. And it was fun to actually see Buckingham Palace and St. James Park too.

Warrior Queen

There might be giants

Below the equator, way below the equator.

Larger than life
Remember the fallen

On the wings of angels

They’re all Greek to me.

For God and Country


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