Trip Report

For some reason I didn’t put very much thought into the social status of my ancestors before they made the journey to Zion previous to this class. Despite this, and the fact that none of my family that I know of worked in a mill, the visit to Quarry Mill really made me come to terms with the reality of their socio-economic status. It is likely that their lives would have been similar to those that were described in the tour. Waking early, working all day, and little time to themselves. They would have started work at a young age, and continued throughout their entire life, because they couldn’t afford to stop. And knowing this reality, I have found one more reason to be grateful that they found the hope and peace of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Liverpool holds what will probably be one of my favorite experiences of the trip. As we stood as a program on the docks of Liverpool where our terrified and excited ancestors stood staring at their new life and sang their hymns of dedication and joy, I really felt the spirit of that great emigration movement, and their desire to gather with the saints and be unified in his gospel both spiritually and temporally.

In Preston, it was fun to actually see the places where stories that I’ve heard and will probably hear repeated throughout my life took place. It was wonderful to understand that a special thing happened on the very ground that we were standing on. That the people were prepared to be the salvation of the lords church and they fulfilled their divine purpose creating the thriving religion I am a part of today. It was strange to realize that I am a part of their legacy, and that their strength and sacrifices have contributed to who I am today and the many blessing that I am able to partake of. It was a truly humbling experience for me.


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