Country House

Every time we visit one of the country estates, I can’t help but softly hum to myself, “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous”. It truly is a different life that live. The grandeur, the sheer size, and the awe-inspiring landscapes don’t even compare with middle-class America–and they definitely didn’t compare with those of different classes during the Romantic period.
Having seen these spectacular monstrosities, it is now easy to comprehend how the Gothic genre was born. Even to this day, the people of Britain have a fascination with their aristocracy because of the different life that they live. These idolized figures were meant to live to a certain standard– they had to be “gentle” folk and well mannered, and if any vices manifested themselves, they were to be kept hidden. Every family has their own secrets, and this naturally led the servants to wonder and let their imaginations run away with them to create tyrannical fathers, hereditary curses, and so on… These works of imagination were then developed and published to satisfy the ever present curiosity of the public.


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