St. Anne and St. Agnes Church

On a rare free morning here in London I took the tube to the St. Paul exit and went north. It really puts you in your place walking among the skyscrapers—so tall, imposing and impersonal. But tucked away within them are little gemstones. It’s one of the best parts of London: how preserving pieces of history is seriously considered during city development, how even the billionaire corporations are forced to comply, and how you can walk by the massive St. Paul’s Cathedral, ten skyscrapers, and then suddenly stumble upon a little church yard slipped in between the buildings.
I loved the 20 minuets I spent sitting in St Anne and St Agnes’ Lutheran Church. It was small and deteriorating from age, but it had a spirit of piety about it. While the church holds to its early roots, there are traces of a contemporary community that calls the chapel home; the scenes of African conversions on the wall and the child made quilt in the corner are just a few. But despite this, not many people venture to church at 11 o’clock in the morning on a weekday so I was able to have the chapel to myself and just sit and bask in the morning sun as it filtered through the large windows.
Living with 50 people in confined spaces, and then going from there into the crowded tube and packed theaters and galleries can wear on a person. The contrast was so rejuvenating—to just take a moment to myself and ponder in solitude. And as I was leaving the little church yard and returning to my busy life among all the other people buzzing about, I realized that I had just been able to enjoy the church as it is designed to be experienced-an escape to a place of peace, a place away from our world and closer to another.


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