Modern Art on the Southbank

As you walk along Thames path on the south side of the river, the most striking characteristic of your surroundings is the wide spectrum of art present there. From the tribute to Shakespeare with the rebuilding of his Globe, in addition to National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall, and Queen Elizabeth Hall, to the various Museums such as Tate Modern, Movieum, and The Hayward Gallery this area clearly is a haven for the liberal arts. But the artistic flair has bled through the gallery walls and performance halls. As you walk along the path it is startling to find that around every turn there is a new artistic venture. These include graffiti art, sidewalk musicians, and large green living rooms. These qualities give the district it’s wonderful atmosphere; an atmosphere that is easy going and open minded to the many forms of beauty presented to it.

Going Green
Black Oval
Street Art
The Tree of Life
Music on the go
A Young Boy Dreams
Cleaning the World: One Pair of Lost Sneakers at a Time
Captain Shakespeare
Room of Hidden Things


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