My Week of Freedom?

So I’ve spent the last week for the most part alone. I mean I have a job, two actually, so I do get away everyday and interact with actual people, but I’ve been living by myself. I’ll admit, at first it was really nice to come home and not have to deal with loud obnoxious little boys fighting over who’s turn it is to play on the wii. It was nice to not have to fight over the remote control and to keep things somewhat clean, since there weren’t a million people to undo all the cleaning as soon as I’d done it. But after a while, it’s really kind of boring. Majorly boring. Sometimes I would just sit on my computer and look at page after page of flair, I think there’s a chance I’ve seen a hefty percentage of it.
So, long story short, I miss the insanity. I miss my family making my home the center of organized chaos and I miss school where I lived with a ton of amazing girls who really just want to have fun. And did…every day. I’m sure my opinion will change in a months time when I’m living with 9 other girls in the same room, but for now, I’ll be happy with some company when my mom gets back to Vegas.


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