The New Blog

So this is my first post on my crisp and currently white brand new blog. There is always such a sense of infinite possibility when you start something new; like a new year, or a new class, or a new calling. The same goes for a new blog. A little warning: I tend to be really random to compensate for the boring-ness of my life. But if you’re reading this, you love me anyway so I’m safe. 🙂 Anyway, in honor of the stark newness of my blog, I’ve decided to adapt a insipid little free write I did a while back when I had writer’s block/ was procrastinating a paper into a poem for you.

A blank screen.
Oh the possibilities.
You could write anything at all:
a book
a research paper
a letter
a journal entry
a shopping list.
It’s up to you.

It is devoid of everything—
that is the beauty of it.
While at first it is nothing,
through work and determination it can become a work of art;
a demonstration of the inner imaginations of its creator.

During the process, many mistakes will happen.
But they are part of the process.
Perhaps if one of them mightn’t have happened,
the creator would not have thought of a new idea,
or would have shown it differently.

But because of the slight pause to rectify the mistake
they discover a new way to express themselves.

Oh the possibilities of a blank screen.


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