Airborne–you’ve failed me

Well if you did get it from the post title, I’m finally sick. I’ve been staving off illness all year and doing a pretty dang good job of it, but I gave in last night and my throat is abnormally raw and achey. Oh well, it could be worse. Besides that I feel pretty good, although I think I’m going to try and get some extra sleep this weekend.

I have so much coming up. Even though I wrote 2 papers today. They weren’t too bad though. I get to give a group presentation on cultural criticism in my English class and another on the Tower of London in my survey class. And then I have an American Heritage midterm next week to top it all off. Yay!!! In all actuality this isn’t too bad. I’ll just have to stay really focused until Wednesday and I can check a nice large chunk of stuff off my to do list. And at least all the subjects are interesting. If I had to spend that much time on things that I really hated, I think I scream.

Well, I really got on here because it occurred to me that I haven’t written in a really long time. But, honestly, how do you follow London? And there really hasn’t been much happening in my life. I just really like the people that I’m living with. They’re good girls. A few nights ago Lila and I stayed up way too late talking and then I had some amazing discussions with Michele and Lisa last night. And I just sat there thinking I’m really happy I know these people. I’m glad I’m sitting here having this conversation rather than the scores of really pointless ones happening at other campuses. Anyway, that’s my life: boring but very fulfilling. I like what I’m studying and I like the people I’m with. I can’t wait to come home and be with you guys again, but if I had to be away, I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else.


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