Don’t worry

I’m not dead, in case you were wondering from the long interlude since my last post. My life has just gotten insane the last week or so. I did 3 midterms between Wednesday and Monday. oh and was supposed to read an entire book which didn’t happen. I’ve gotten a little over half way, and with any luck will have it done by Thursday. It’s good, (Hard Times by Charles Dickens) but I just haven’t had any time.

Hmm so what’s new, unfortunately I didn’t get on here to impart on you any sound words of wisdom, so you’ll just have to settle for my life’s story. Actually, I already told you most of it over the phone (if your my mom this applies- if your not then stop reading my blog that’s just creepy with the exception of Aly). I have my interview for the London study abroad coming soon. I hope it goes well. Oh and I’m getting into poetry in both of my English classes which is really cool. It’s insane to try and understand, but it sounds magnificent. Anyway, I need to get better at analyzing it anyway.

Ohhhhhh!!!!!! I got my check. That was amazing!!! I can now pay my visa bill that’s due next tuesday which is a load off of my shoulders. I never want that to happen again. It’s seriously terrifying. Being an adult is terrifying actually. Even when you go to one of the safest school in the u.s. and your parents still help out all the time. But I guess I’m managing pretty well. Anyway, so I’m starting to get caught up on homework (Sarah and I have decided to consistently go to the library and I think that will really make a dent. besides I’m only behind in two classes. And I’m pretty sure I got three As on my midterms or if not high Bs) So that’s my life. I hope it satisfies your desire for knowledge. Love you. See you in a few days.



One thought on “Don’t worry

  1. Well It is beautiful here today. I went grocery shopping and your brothers are going to be thrilled there is food in the house. I am trying to buy more fruits and vegetables. I asked Joshua which ones he would eat so I don’t waste my money. By the way–Happy Happy Valentines Day! Last night we were watching American Idol. It was sad. All these runner ups got eliminated. So I had dreams all night long that I was singing with this group on stage and was suppose to have a small solo. Well, I could not remember what the words were. I woke up with such anxiety. so much for American Idol. Love you Lots.Your Mom

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