In the library

I’ve been at the library for a few hours. I’ve done a bit of homework and surfed the net a bit. Apparently, according to the NYTimes, the world’s economy is going to go into a recession because Americans aren’t as much of shop-a-holics as we used to be. I make light of it, but it seems serious. I mean stocks everywhere have seen the biggest dip since Sept. 11. I wonder how all of this is going to play out.

Then I explored The Onion. It’s a parody of Newspapers/reporters. Anyway, I seriously had to engage all of my self restraint not to burst out laughing in the middle of the library. It’s so horrible, and so amusing at the same time.

And then somewhere in there I got some work done. I finished the Tempest. It was interesting to study the text since I saw in this fall at the Shakespearian Festival. It was able have the story make a lot of sense, and therefore allow me to look at some interesting comparisons and aspects. Especially comparing Caliban and Ariel to how Europeans looked at slaves and natives.

After CompLit homework I moved onto English homework, and I’m sorry for the checklist of how I’ve spent my time, but this is really why I got on here to write. I just found one of my favorite authors ever. Seriously, his talent blows my mind. His name is James Baldwin and he uses imagery so effectively it gives me chills. His subject matter isn’t exactly rosy. He’s from Harlem and addresses a lot of difficult issues. I’m currently in the middle of “Sonney’s Blues” which is about a man whose brother is a heroin addict and how both of them are trying to deal with that. But I’m just blown away by how he’s describing different things. Anyway, I needed a little break and thought I’d share my little find with you. I’ll write again soon.



One thought on “In the library

  1. Hi, It sounds like your making good use of your time in the library. I used to take breaks and sleep. Now you have the internet to browse. Oh how fun and exciting is progress. Love your mom….

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