WINTER semester

I’m already two weeks into my second semester up here. I can’t believe it.!!! It feels more like a month. But one thing is for sure, it’s definitely a winter semester. It was fine the first week and then suddenly the weather has turned on us and it’s frigid!!! If we haven’t gotten there we very nearly were at 0 a few times… during the day, not night. But I’m living through it. Today isn’t that bad. I even wore flip flops for a little while yesterday.

As far as school goes, I think I’m really going to like my classes this semester, that is, if I can get into a grove as far as studying goes. My problem is starting to study. Generally if I get myself started for a few minuets then I’m good for several hours and have amazing stamina, but it’s the getting myself to start that’s the problem. Especially when there’s so many cool things to distract you in a dorm room. Or rather the awesome friends that live in such a close proximity. πŸ™‚ But the last few days bode well for me. It was tight but I got everything done and I think it’ll go uphill from here. Hopefully…

I started yoga this week. Already two times!!! I’m not the best at it, but then again I haven’t done anything remotely this difficult before, so I’m assuming I’ll get better. I cramped less during the second time than the first (except for on the new moves-those hurt and I thought I was relatively flexible).

Tomorrow there isn’t any school and I’m soooo excited!!! I really need a day to do nothing, my Saturdays never end up being that (whether because of work or choir or something else, this is rarely the case) However, I do PLAN on using some of it to do homework or actually write essays to get into study abroad or scholarships and stuff. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, I’ll get back in the habit of writing, I promise. Until then…



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