finals SUCK!!!

It’s wednesday morning and I just turned in my portfolio which was my 3rd final. I have 2 more that I’m about to go to the library and work on until my brain shuts down. But I’m freaking out that I’m not going to do well or be prepared enough to leave friday. It just seems like so much to do. I’ve forgotten almost everything from Nutrition. I just can’t remember specifics so I basically have to re-teach myself before tomorrow night and in the process write two papers for anthropology that are good enough to get me an A in the class. Well I’ve made a resolution not to watch any tv or movies until I’m done and to keep other socializing to a minimum. Also to spend a minimum of 6 hours in the library each day in addition to working at home. We’ll see if this makes any difference. I think I can do it. I’m just not going to be one of the lucky few that finish early and so get to hang around and do nothing until their ride or plate is scheduled to take them home. Oh well. The point is that I’m finishing strong and that I am going home. Besides I have 2 weeks in which I don’t have to do anything. I couldn’t even do homework if I wanted to. Yay!!!

Anyway, I’ll write again when I’m done. Wow that sounds amazing.



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