So last night was the winter formal for all the freshmen in my dorms. And there were a whole bunch of us who didn’t get asked but we decided to get dressed up anyway and go stag. It was a total blast. First of all, it’s just fun to wear a pretty dress and put makeup on. (The one I”m wearing is courtesy of Kara the girl on the right, and the clip on earings are Lanee’s) And then it was kinda nice to have none of the pressure or awkwardness of a date. Anyway, it was really fun but I only have a few more hours til we drive up to temple square to see the lights and I have some major studying to do.



One thought on “Stag

  1. you look gorgeous! oh i miss talking to you! but i am not going to lie, i am very glad i am done with that class (well i still have to write the final but you know what i mean!)

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