Summer movies

Well apparently I’m not ready to go back to homework so I’m just going to ramble about how much I enjoyed the movies this summer.

1. Transformers–another great accomplishment of Spielsburg. It was awesome!
2. Stardust–not what I was expecting. It was way better than I was expecting. I’ve actually seen it 3 times in theaters now by chance.
3. Becoming Jane– my new favorite movie. (I have a thing for sad movies) Seriously it was a beautifully sad story.
4. Harry Potter–surprisingly my favorite of the HP movies so far. It’s suprising because it’s my least favorite of ALL the books.
So over the last few months, since the release of the 7th and final book, I’ve realized what a significant part of my childhood Harry Potter has been. I grew up with these kids. I anxiously awaited the books as they came out. They are my generation. It was interesting to read the final book right before I started college. I mean when I finished, it was like closing the book on my childhood. Although I’ve found myself clinging to that, I still make tons of Harry Potter references. Anyway, I thought that was interesting.
5. Enchanted– even though it came out about Thanksgiving I’m still going to talk about it. Totally cute. I mean if anyone can make fun of Disney, it’s Disney. I was amused, disgusted, and touched. But mostly amused.
6. Oh yeah and Hairspray. Really good. I even bought it (It’s the first of the all of them to come out) great music. They don’t make very many good musicals anymore so I was happy to see this one turn out the way it did.

Ok so now my extensive procrastination is over… hopefully.



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