stupid college endeavors

Wow do I feel like an idiot.

I was sitting and talking to Kat and my roommate when all of the sudden this idea pops into my mind that i could jump from one bed to the other. It’s over 6 feet in distance. So basically I’m stupid. To add to this, I tried to jump it like superman. Only legs do not naturally stay horizontal with your body. I’m proud to say that I got the top half of my body onto the bed no problem; however, my legs were the first things to hit. And they hit hard!!!! Seriously I couldn’t walk for a 10 mins afterwards. And I’m going to have insanely beautiful bruises to accompany the limping.

Probably the worst facet to my stupidity is that I don’t even get to blame it on being drunk like a normal college student. I caused this of my own free will. 🙂

Well back to preparing for my lesson at midnight.



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