9:51 on a Wednesday Night

Well I’m surviving this week. Now I just have to make it through to Thanksgiving. Then it’s straight ahead till finals.

Nothing major is really happening in my life. I might actually get to bed before 11 tonight which I’m super excited about. Plus I could sleep in tomorrow if I really wanted to.

I went to the Symphony tonight and they were really great. I’ve discovered that I love instrumental music. Soundtracks and classical music especially. Maybe it’s because I don’t play any of these instruments, at least not well, so I can enjoy them without doing too much analyzing.

My ipod has been acting up which bugs the heck out of me. It just freezes and the only way I’ve been able to get it to work again is to let it die and then recharge it again. Extremely annoying.

Another really amusingly irritating thing is that I bought the Ensign the day it came out and so did my roommate. Then our ward gave us one and I got one in the mail because I subscribed to the magazine. So now we have 4 to read between the two of us. Oh well, maybe it’ll help us read them more.

Well if I’m to keep this before 11 goal then I have to do several things before I go to bed and should get started. That’s my little update.



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